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'Gain of Function' Research by Investigative Journalist at Washington Post




Published on Jun 8, 2021

Left-leaning investigative journalist Josh Rogin from the left-leaning Washington Post has been endorsing a 'Trump conspiracy theory' from the very beginning - the lab leak hypothesis.

Josh Rogin has chronicled the conflicts of interest, the failed WHO investigations and the insidious connections between the hero of the pandemic 'Anthony Fauci' and the high risk of Gain-of-function research conducted in Wuhan, China. Gain-of-function research in the USA was banned by the Obama administration.

Josh also documents the scientific debate on whether funding should instead be spend on immune surveillance to detect outbreaks of novel viruses as they happen, as opposed to Gain-of-function research to create novel viruses.

This is an excerpt from Season 4 Episode 4 of The People's Project filmed on 28 May 2021:


3 hour interview with Investigative Journalist Josh Rohin on Wuhan and Fauci:


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