PENCIL-PERFECT drawings of Hollywood's top-actors


Pravda Report


Published on Apr 5, 2013

A hyper-real pencil portrait of the British actor and comedian High Laurie from the US series, House. PENCIL-PERFECT drawings of Hollywood's top-actors have been drawn completely BY HAND. From famous British great such as legends Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen to younger but no-less well known US actors like bombshell Charlize Theron and roguish Johnny Depp these are movie-icons turned into hand-drawn works of art with simple pencil lead. Italian pencil-artist Franco Clun, 51, spends a painstaking 50-hours producing a single image, which is so realistic it is called "hyper-real", which he sells from 500 Euros each (£440) for an A4-sized drawing. Franco intends to exhibit his work in Milan, Italy this year.

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