Financial Incentive to Use Ventilators & Harm/Death due to Ventilator Use in Northern Italy


Rubber Ring


Published on Aug 23, 2020

Originally from Oval Media channel:

The province of Bergamo in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy stands out from the rest of the country as having the highest population fatality rate during the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in March 2020. In Germany, a process started by a group of independent lawyers, the Corona Committee, is gathering information from experts with which to mount a legal challenge to the German government's Covid measures: (sessions are being streamed on YouTube's 'Oval Media' channel)
In their 3rd sitting on 23.7.2020 they focussed on the question of what happened in Bergamo. This video is a much abridged version of the 3+ hours long session and I have focussed on the evidence provided by one Italian physician, Dr. Luca Speciani. The sitting was conducted using a mixture of German, Italian and English language. I have translated to the best of my ability most of the German dialogue and added subtitles. This video may be of interest to anyone with an enquiring mind who wants to delve deeper into the question "What really happened in Bergamo".