Christopher "Radical Agenda" Cantwell (Mar 18)




Published on Mar 18, 2018

GUEST: Christopher Cantwell host of Radical Agenda Alt-Right figure called the "crying Nazi" by MSM after being accused of wrongly peppers spraying counter-protesters when Antifa attacked demonstrators at the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally. He talks to James Hake, host and producer for Jesse Lee Peterson, whom Chris called "the most pro-white black guy in America today." James and Chris talk Trayvon Martin, mainstream media, the criminal justice system, anger, Jews, Christianity, love and hate, and take your calls. Call-in: 888-775-3773. Live Sunday 9am PT (11CT/12ET). PREVIEW about Cantwell WATCH JESSE'S FULL PRIOR INTERVIEW (orig. aired July 31, 2017)


Silent Prayer and Church, found on

Executive Producer: Jesse Lee Peterson.

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