Libyan Researcher: Westerners Aim to Corrupt Muslim Women by Making Them Believe In Equality




Published on Nov 26, 2018

Libyan researcher Dr. Ali Al-Siba'i said that Westerners spend billions of dollars on targeting and corrupting Muslim women. He said that there are no conferences or symposiums where they openly discuss their agenda because "they have the foresight to avoid doing these things out in the open," and that they instead criticize the hijab, inheritance laws, and male guardianship, and talk about rights and equality for women in Muslim countries. Dr. Al-Siba'I said: "Is driving cars the one thing that Muslim women are lacking in our countries?" adding that many women unfortunately listen to this rhetoric, which is a "lethal poison." Dr. Al-Siba'i made his remarks on Channel 9 TV (Turkey) on November 3, 2018.