What Really Happened in the Capitol (January 6th)




Published on Jan 15, 2021

Trump, Q, Fuentes, Ali Akbar, Alex Jones, these are all shills who were payed (by you know who) to destroy conservatives but also to create the circus of January 6th which will be used to censor all of us even more.
Stop trusting the plan losers.
You've been scammed so many times it's not even funny anymore.
Everyone is lying to you, Democrats, Conservatives, Mainstream media, alternative media, communists, nationalists, EVERYONE!
Instead of blindly trusting whoever tells you EXACTLY what you want to hear maybe you should start using your brain.
Someone in the comments will say "What about you Poseidon, aren't you lying?"
Well, in 2020 I told you exactly the opposite of what you wanted to hear. I told you Trump is lying and covid is real. And you chimped out, attacked me, I lost most of my audience but I didn't back down. Because I'm telling the truth and I will die on this rock. I don't give a F about your illusions and your feelings. I only care about the truth and my people, even when they act like little kids.

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