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BREAKING: President Trump appeals to Supreme Court as Democrats try to run out the clock .


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Published on Nov 29, 2020

BREAKING: In the face of ubiquitous, massive fraud in the 6 counties within the 6 "swing" states that the Dems (along with anti- America First foreign powers) targeted, President Trump appeals to Supreme Court - even as Democrats try to run out the clock. December 14th looms large before the President & his legal team.

The Red China bomb virus provide the cover for the demand for mass mail in ballots. And it now appears that Democratic activists, their attorneys & Big Tech lefty software/voting machine vendors gamed our scared & normally reliable election system.

Given the national pandemic (which Democrats viciously exploited) & considering the novelty of this quantum change in the way Americans voted this past election, SCOTUS may seriously consider this historic case.

Their potential decision could be manifold. But as Quarterback Doug Flutie of old, the President is able heave to the end zone a 70 yard "Hail Mary" of his own . Even though some of the Federal appellate court judges have ruled against the President's cause, the Supreme Court will have a look at this corruption with a broader view in mind - including their own survival as one of the noble institutions of our venerated 3 branches of government with all of its separation of powers in play.

But far more than saving the structure and system of government that has served this fair nation for nearly 230 years and which in and of itself provides a safe harbor for our sacred BILL OF RIGHTS, the entire future of our nation (to be or not to be) will be weighed in the balance.

May God give our top SCOTUS jurists, Solomonic wisdom so that free & fair elections- the heart & soul of America, is preserved for ourselves & our posterity until the Lord returns to rule His creation in the divine Parousia of the restitution of all things. Acts 3:19-21; Acts 17:26

Yours truly,
Federico Cardella


Federico Cardella
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