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Chris Cantwell Appears On Accused Child Pornographers Talk Show On Eve Of Arrest


Bradford County Libertarian Party of Florida


Published on Aug 18, 2017

Christopher Cantwell runs to his good friend and subject of a child porn raid, Ian Bernard AKA Ian Freeman for moral support on the night of his successful attempt to subvert the American right along with other leftist agitators like Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer.

Kessler, an Occupy Democrat leader, organized the take-down of the American Right last weekend, with help from National Bolshevik leader Richard Spencer, and Cantwell, a self described "Fascitarian" and child porn afficianado in Charlottesville Virginia. They marched with tiki torches while yelling "Seig Heil", despite the fact nearly all of the speakers and organizers are ethnic Jews, ensuring that the Robert E. Lee and dozens more memorials would fall, in a bizarre display of semetic anti-semitism that ended in bloodshed.

While the Charlottesville City government and police force failed in their duty to protect free speech, and even Nazis have a right to speak, "Seig Heiling" and chanting "Jews Will Not Replace Us" is how you get monuments removed, not how to save them. We have led the way in the LPF for defending our heritage without succumbing to the outside forces seeking to co-opt this cause for other reasons, like National Socialism/National Bolshevism.

Info on Free Talk live child porn raid, Ian Freeman, etc.

Ian Bernard/Freeman on sex with children:


Show from March 2016 with Audio of Cantwell admitting sexual attraction to minors, and discussion of the Free Talk Live Raid, and the general problem of pedophiles and ephebophiles using the liberty movement to normalize their perversions:

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