Stop Pretending Americans! Why is The Defense Department Purchasing 500 Million ApiJect Syringes?


The Sons of Liberty


Published on May 14, 2020

Present-day vaccines that claim to treat measles, mumps, chicken pox, HPV and other infectious diseases are deliberately manufactured with a bizarre list of toxic and unethical ingredients, including:

• Aluminum
• Mercury (Thimerosal)
• Antibiotics
• Squalene (an inflammatory chemical)
• Aborted human fetal tissue
• Formaldehyde
• Live viruses
• HCG, an infertility chemical

When I think of Americans, which by the way I am as well, I think of the mercy that the Lord God of Israel has shown unto us as a nation, the freedoms that we enjoy, the provisions and protections, etc. Yet, over and over, I see the Americans defy the Living God with provocations, which you cannot even find in the Bible by advocating what He clearly condemns on so many fronts and they then act as if He is just going to continuously pass by in our iniquities (Psalm 5:5; 9:16; Amos 7:8). There comes a point where the Lord has to draw the line in the sand and one has to ask as if this is it.

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