America's Hijacker, Abraham Lincoln: How Marxism Began To Change The US


The Sons of Liberty


Published on Jul 3, 2020

Many people buy into the lie that President Abraham Lincoln "freed the slaves," but the reality is that his unconstitutional tryanny against the South was a "War to Enslave the States." From the time of Lincoln onward, the federal government began to grow power and money hungry, eventually resulting into what it is today. Many have not been taught our true history regarding this man, and as such, they fail to undertand the influence that the contemporaries of Lincoln's day, Karl Marx and Charles Darwin, had on him and subsequent generations in the US. Many still have not understood the loss of liberty, including the constitutional militia that began to occur as a result of a Lincoln presidency. David Zuniga of joins me in this informative episode leading up to Monday's show on the constituitonal militia.

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