Our Lady the Blessed Virgin Mary - Mother of the Christ - Marian Apparitions




Published on Mar 20, 2009

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Our Lady The Blessed Virgin Mary - Marian Apparitions. Moses and the Burning Bush by Nicolas (1476) showing the apparition in the Burning Bush as the Blessed Virgin in a bower of flaming roses. Mary, depicted as Our Lady of Guadalupe. A photostatic copy of a page from, October 29, 1917, showing the crowd looking at the miracle of the sun during the apparitions (attributed to the Virgin Mary). Eternal Father painting the Virgin of Guadalupe. Anonymous, 18th century, an example of Roman Catholic Marian art related to an apparition. Immaculate Conception, 1650. Lúcia Santos (middle) with her cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto, at Fátima, Portugal 1917. The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio. Juan Diego. 18th century painting by Miguel Cabrera (painter). First page of the Nican Mopohua. Bishop Juan de Zumárraga. Etching by Jose Guadalupe Posada, depicting St. Juan Diego and image of the Virgin imprinted on the cloth. Shrine : glass coffin of St Catherine Labouré. Shrine : glass coffin of Saint Louise de Marillac. Statue of Our Lady of La Salette, sitting and crying with tears (first stage of the apparition). Statue of Our Lady of La Salette, talking to the children (second stage of the apparition). Statue of Our Lady of La Salette, ascending into heaven (third stage of the apparition). A photostatic copy of a page from Ilustração Portugueza, October 29, 1917, showing the crowd looking at the Miracle of the Sun during the Fátima apparitions. Madonna with Angels, Bouguereau, 1900. Madonna, Luigi Crosio, 1898. Madonna and child by Murillo, 1650-1655. The crowned Madonna Della Strada is in the Church of the Gesu in Rome, prior to the 2006 restoration. Annunciation by Caravaggio. Murillo's Dolorosa, 1665. Our Lady of Lourdes. Visitation, from Altarpiece of the Virgin (St Vaast Altarpiece) by Jacques Daret. A depiction of the Assumption of Mary by Peter Paul Reubens. The Birth of the Virgin, by Francisco de Zurbarán. St. Filippo Neri and the Virgin Mary, by Tiepolo. Fra Angelico (1396-1455) The Virgin of the Annunciation. Madonna and Child by Filippo Lippi. Madonna and Child with saints by Duccio, 14th century. The Vision of St Bernard, by Fra Bartolommeo, c. 1504 (Uffizi). Leonardo da Vinci, The Sketch of the Head of Madonna, approx. 1484 AD. Virgin of the Lilies, Bouguereau, 1899. An Eastern Orthodox Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa. It is also the stylistic variant used in depicting the voodoo loa Erzulie Dantor. Madonna della seggiolaRaphael, 1513-1514 Statue of the Virgin Mary giving the Scapular to St. Simon Stock, Santa Maria della Vittoria Basilica, Rome, 19th century. Blessed Jacinta Marto, one of the three children who reported the Fátima visions in 1917. Saint Simon Stock. Francisco Marto c. 1917. Statues of Mary:

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