Chapter 28 Mossad Art Students lived next-door to Mohamed Atta AN INCONVENIENT 9/11 TRUTH [Part I]


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Published on Jun 5, 2017

This chapter has been edited to a much shorter version to comply with YouTube copyright rules for France 2 report on the identification of Mohammad Atta by Israeli Mossad agents before the 9/11 attacks. However to get an entire grasp on the news report here is the entire transcript:

French Newscaster: Always about Israel but concerning Afghanistan now: this affair of espionage which sows the confusion. An Israeli network was dismantled in the United States notably in Florida. One of its missions would have been to track the men of Al-Qaeda. It was before the attacks of September 11th. Certain sources go even further: they indicate that the Mossad would not have delivered all the information in its possession to the United States. At the moment the FBI holds this to strict denial. Maryse Burgeau, Bernard Leburn at Michel Levasseur “Intelligence” is a French magazine

Burgeau: specialized in question of intelligence matters.The last number reveals a spectacular affair of espionage. The dismantling of a network of Israeli agents of the Mossad operating in the United States. This journalist of Intelligence Online bases himself on a report of the American Department of Justice.This report reveals a certain number of disturbing coincidences. Example: 5 of these Israeli suspects were arrested in Hollywood, Florida. The city of 25,000 residence north of Miami was raided by investigators of the FBI after the attacks of September 11th. It is indeed here that 4 terrorists lived who had participated in the hijacking of the planes, including Mohammed Atta. Question: the spies presumed from the Mossad were there accidentally or were they investigating the Al-Qaeda network?

Levasseur: “The services of Israeli information, so long as the hypothesis confirms, were effectively able to have, in their sight “certain Islamists in the territory of the United States; that does not mean they were capable of predicting what was going to take place”

Burgeau: The American federal police, FBI denies this evening the existence of and thus the dismantling of such a network.

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