Trump Amnesties 4 Million in 2019




Published on Feb 22, 2020

In fiscal year 2019 Trump released 375,000 of the 473,682 illegals who entered with "family" members into the interior of the country courtesy of BeanAir. All told, 3.2 million were released by Trump and are awaiting court hearings to decide whether they will removed from the country. Removed. Riight.

Deportations? The 2019 deportation numbers are the lowest level of Trump's presidency. Down 10% from 2018 to a paltry 276,258, barely half of Obama's record in 2012 of 409,849. No immigration "reform" package al la front door amnesty for Trump's donors? No problem. Call it the Trump-Kushner Backdoor Amnesty Act of 2019.

All while demanding more LEGAL immigration and waiting for the perfect moment to pass the Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019. There's nothing modern about millions of H-2A primitives from the Yucatan.

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