They censored us, now big tech is getting censored.


The Upstream


Published on Jan 12, 2021

Big tech run amuck. The media is insisting that what we are witnessing, the massive censorship of anything related to Trump, is acceptable and normal. If you watch my past videos, I talk about the hypocrisy from the left and the Marxist media. Over 20 deaths, and billions of dollars in damage caused by BLM and ANTIFA in 2020 alone, with no outrage from Democrats or the media. I feel like a broken record, but this stuff is fact. Big tech, Democrats and the Marxist media glorified them, rewarded them, and shamed anyone who dared to speak out against them. The events of January 6th served a very important purpose for the leftists Marxist agenda. Immediately, the GOP members who stepped up to object to the Biden electoral votes, backed away from their objections and now Biden is the official President elect. Perception management, make all trump supporters look bad, so the blame can go directly to trump. The push to continue to beat him down and defame him stepped ten fold from that day on. So many strange circumstances surrounding that day. The police mysteriously allowing protestors to pass. Now, CBS correspondent, and a very credible journalist, Catherine herridge confirmed in her reporting that a group of people were at the capitol causing problems while trump was still speaking, saying flash bangs could be heard while President trump was still talking. I heard other reports of this before she stepped to talk about it. Say what you will about Trump supporters, but 99.9% of them would not miss a minute of President Trumps speech, especially on that day. Now the big purge is on.

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