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Biden-China Election Espionage:DOJ/FBI Coverup by seditious Neocons Barr & Wray.They need to go NOW!


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Published on Nov 18, 2020

BREAKING:.Over a period of decades, Washington D.C. has devolved into a decadent morass of pay for play politicians, crooked Neocons, bloodthirsty warmongers & corrupt Democrats & GOP politicians - all trying to personally profit from the defense contractors, military industrial complex, Big Parm, Big Tech etc.

Sure there are patriots and moral characters who are exceptions to the rule but they are vastly outnumbered in our government. President Donald Trump- a truly populist "President of the People" is also an exception to this within the preches of authority in Washington these days.

But there are also GOP & DNC Neocon corrupters and traitors in the highest levels of DC leadership. Neocon sharks like JOE BIDEN who in a clear violation of the Logan Act, has contacted Japan's new PM Suga to reaffirm his commitment to defend a outcropping of rocks in the East China Sea as if it were America's very own territory.

This is in stark contrast to Trump's America's First foreign policy which prefers for traditional geographical rivals like Beijing & Tokyo to settle things themselves without always injecting the US and its blood & treasure into the frey as if America & her beloved sons & daughters are the proverbial "policemen of the world."

So lawless, crazy old Biden just set off a shock wave in China by pledging America to WW3 if Red China claims the tiny Island as its own. The CCP military as just fired off it's latest models of the DF "Aircraft Carrier Killers" missiles which successfully struck a merchant vessel thousands of miles away from the mainland of China and waring America to stay out of its disputes with Japan.

They are as now a handbreadth away from declaring WAR on Japan & America all because of Joe Biden's crazy ego centric CCP monitored congratulatory phone call with the Japanese PM.
That's right. Corrupt Biden (along with his Commie allies in the mSM Media) has illegally declared himself "President Elect" & is dangerously messing up the duly elected careful & purposeful America First policy.

Globalist Dr Henry Kissinger seemed to be amused by this yet even he cautioned that China was not to be trifled with and now (because of massive military R & D transfers by the former treasonous Obama Administration, they were actually our new EQUAL in the world militarily.

Bottom line: The Globalist International system wants Trump out and money flowing to them from a WORLD WAR now. Thus we see the massive fraud in our recent national election. They want the Christian Nationalist America First leader of the free world OUT NOW! And they will cheat, steal or kill to accomplish their dastardly goals.

Sadly, Bill Barr and Christopher Wray are "on the take" or compromised in some way to do the Deep State's bidding to cover up the seditious crimes of their FBI, Intel and DOJ friends while allowing the President to be SAVAGED by the same. After the Mueller probe fiasco and fake Impeachment of an innocent President it is now been revealed that Barr and his DS friend Chris Wray have also been covering up Joe Biden;s crimes as well as slow walking investigations into massive and serious ELECTION FRAUD by the Neocon and Dem Socialist machines.


God save our President from their wiles.
God save the American Republic & the rule of law!

God's blessings to all.
Ephesians 3;20-21


Federico Cardella
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Federico Cardella

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