Confronting Clubhouse Scamsters, Censored Episodes, and Putin's Weaksauce Whataboutisms


The Antedote


Published on Jun 21, 2021

In this episode we begin with Jeremy discussing recent experiences on Clubhouse ], including one involving Ali Alexander. We then discussed two Antedote programs that have been censored in multiple European countries, and give reasons as to why this might be, in a conversation that ends up going into a number of topics. We end with a discussion about Vladimir Putin's interview with Keir Simmons of NBC News just prior to his summit with President Biden, which included among many things Putin implying in the death of Ashli Babbitt in Washington DC on January 6 was a US State sponsored assassination, We talk about the problems with Putin taking this stance, and raise questions that should be asked of Putin rather than the constant raising of human rights issues, which are easily exploited by Putin as well as knowing and unknowing purveyors of Russian propaganda. We discuss the importance of being honest about the criminality and corruption within our own government and system while also directly facing and exposing actual hostile foreign based threats.

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