Tips for Terror on Hamas TV: Security Precautions for Attacks with "Many Dead Soldiers and Settlers"




Published on Nov 13, 2018

Sheikh Iyad Abu Funun appeared in a segment on Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV (Gaza Strip) in which he gave viewers advice on how to properly carry out terror attacks. The video shows two young men cleaning and loading guns with a mobile phone on the table next to them, and Abu Funun explained that this is a "deadly mistake." He warned that merely having a phone in your vicinity is enough for you to be tracked. He also said that the attackers must not use their own cars, use their regular routes, or hold their weapons during transit in a way that is visible. He also urged attackers to avoid behavior that appears out of the ordinary before the attack and said that the attackers must hide their weapons and return to normal life immediately after the attack. Abu Funun said: "The more well-organized the attack is and the larger its impact – with many dead soldiers and settlers – the more the attack reverberates [in our society]." The segment aired on October 20, 2018. To see more videos by Abu Funun, see MEMRI TV clips 6541, 6376, 4702, 5115, 5307, 5152, and 4489.