Russia working on space yacht for tourists


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Published on Feb 18, 2019

Several Russian companies are developing a project for the delivery of space tourists to Earth's orbit. The project is known as "Space Yacht Selena."

The yacht will be able to land on any airfield like an airplane. Engineers currently work on the comfortable flight trajectory and calculate the optimal time of tourists' presence in space.

The new space shuttle will be able to exit Earth's atmosphere at a Mach speed 3.5, and it will enter the atmosphere at a speed of Mach 0.85. The space yacht will fly in an automatic mode.

Russia started developing a suborbital spacecraft two years ago. The first flight of the new space shuttle is to take place during the upcoming five years. A ticket to space is believed to be priced at about $300,000. Three spaceships are to be built within the scope of the project. Each vehicle will accommodate six passengers and the pilot. The pilot will be present only because it is comfortable for passengers to be aware of the presence of the pilot on board during space adventures, but he will not be piloting the space shuttle.

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