Demonstrations Won't Force the Politicians to Change


Mark Collett


Published on Mar 22, 2018

Demonstrations have always been popular among nationalists and patriots. Large gatherings of people all united behind a common cause can be a powerful show of strength in numbers – but do they actually have any effect on the way politicians act? The answer is no. The only thing that makes politicians listen is threatening their political power and the only way to do that is by acting as a community and taking control of the political institutions that are being used against us.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to debate with me in the comments about anything I have said, I welcome that. However please listen to the complete podcast and ensure you argue with the points I have made. Arguments that simply consist of nonsense such as "what gives you the right to judge" or "I'm a [insert religious affiliation] and you should be ashamed of yourself" or other such vacuous non-arguments will simply be ridiculed.

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