The Truth About the Milwaukee Riots


American Renaissance


Published on Aug 16, 2016

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains the causes and consequences of the 2016 Milwaukee riots. Blacks rioted over a police killing even when the officer who did the shooting was black. They burned down businesses even though the officer's body cam shows he was facing a man with a gun.

It could not be clearer that the problem is not police “racism” or judicial system bias. It's about the miseries blacks bring upon themselves--and inflict on each other--but blame on whites. We are already hearing the usual excuses: systemic racism, white oppression, lack of black "access" to the "abundance" whites enjoy.

“This is a problem the United States can’t solve,” says Jared Taylor. “It’s a race problem, in a country that thinks there’s no such thing as race.” Blindness to reality only means more anti-white hatred, crime, and--of course--more riots.