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Pelosi Christmas Standoff:Trump Impeachment on hold as America given a rotten Holiday gift by Dems


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Published on Dec 20, 2019

BREAKING:Nancy's sham Christmas Impeachment attempt is failing: President Trump now demands a full & complete Senate Trial to prove his obvious innocence.
A trial i the Senate? That would be a total disaster for the Democrats as it would expose the corrupt deeds of his false accusers who are covering up their OWN CRIMES in what is one, MASSIVE OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by the Deep State they seek to defend.

The Democrats are not gracious losers. They are no longer a legitimate party of "loyal opposition." They have devolved into a evil mosaic of anti- american insurgents trying to tear this country apart. They are afraid of this President becoming a father image-a REVOLUTIONARY REFORMIST figure restoring our nation to free markets, de-regulation, lower taxes, strong military, a robust stock market & economy, less DC central control and a return to the rule of law and the immutable principles of traditional family values and founding precepts which made this nation great to begin with.

It seems that all the enemies of freedom & liberty are voicing their desire to see this great President removed from office. Their motives have nothing to do with seeking justice as they abuse the impeachment clause of the Constitution and for NO REASON attack this good, hard working President & injure the spirit of good will of US citizens this Christmas. Now fake evangelicals , pretenders to heights of scriptural truths, are siding with the baby killing prophets of Baal to call for this President's ouster.

Mark Galli, the chief editor for CT ( founded by Billy Graham and what was once a popular evangelical magazine), just called for the removal of President Trump from office based on an illegal, sham impeachment inquiry. Who is left wing "Christianity" Today kidding? It has backslid into a anti-evangelistic, left wing, pro liberation theology, pro LBGTQ, anti Trump rag- a proponent of anti scriptural values. Billy Graham (it's founder) would have been appalled. Franklin Graham has already spoken out against the anti Trump CT and it's chief editor Galli. True Christians who love this nation should all unsubscribe & take the old copies as kindling ...


America has been given a rotten Holiday gift by the Democrats. Now Nancy, all dressed in black isn't talking so tough as she and her cowardly supporters in the House REFUSE to send over their sham articles of impeachment. Pelosi, Nadler & Schiff with their band of Trump hating House Dems all dressed in funeral black pretending to "mourn" and be "very sad" over impeaching the 3rd President in US history over the Christmas holidays.

One thing the LORD hates and a 7th is an abomination to him - those who pharisaically pretend to fake repentance & sorrow ( which is pure arrogance & pride) and those WHO SOW DISCORD & DIVISION AMONGST THE BRETHREN. These depraved Democrats do that and much more. Proverbs 6:16-19 & 2 Corinthians 7:10 But their fake sorrow will not save them in the end. The US Senate and the American people will totally repudiate their unfair witch hunt trial and one day soon they will al stand before the LORD and must give account of their lies & false accusations..


But why wait until Heaven? Evil often always reaps where it sows on earth here & now. Pelosi and the Dems are dropping in the polls as House Democrats were simply giving a dress rehearsal for their own funerals November 3rd 2020! Two things real Americans love: 1. Fairness 2. Justice - the president received neither at the hands of this left wing WITCH. But soon enough these corrupt, abusers of power will reap the whirlwind ....

So many have waited so for long for real and fair justice to take place at a corrupt DOJ. But we still have confidence in the current AG Bill Barr who will be defending the office of the Presidency & the rule of law very vigorously the next few months while protecting the substructure of our blessed constitutional system of 3 branches of government - right now under serious attack by a runaway tyrannical legislative branch.

The President's priorities are putting AMERICA FIRST. President Trump's agenda is visionary and with Solomonic wisdom - he will prosper, protect & defend our great country at all costs.

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