Naomi Wolf Blocked By Yale Policeman, Threatened w Arrest, On Trying to File Sex Abuse Grievance


Daily Clout


Published on Mar 4, 2020

This silent video shows what happened after I was locked out of the Yale sexual assault and misconduct grievance committee's boardroom, when I went to file a grievance to record sexual abuse by a professor when I was a Yale student at 19. (The day's efforts to file this grievance had also been witnessed by a reporter from Town and Country.)
I'd earlier been blocked by police from delivering my grievance document to the President of Yale, and was also physically blocked earlier from doing so, by Yale's legal counsel.
In this video I am in the lobby of the Yale sexual assault grievance committee boardroom in freezing weather. I'd been forbidden to bring my legal advisor back up to the boardroom with me after having greeted him. In other words, once a legal advisor arrived to assist me, I was locked out of the meeting.
A Yale policeman appears at about 3:50; I give the officer my grievance at 4:30 and he advises me I can either leave or face arrest, and he escorts me out. My husband and my legal advisor appear in the video (my husband via Facetime) to advise me on my rights in real time.
Our recording devices did not work in the boardroom or lobby so it is just this raw video.
Earlier the Yale grievance committee had told me I could file a formal grievance if I left out any mention of the 1983 sexual abuse, still a crime under Connecticut State Law (and it had been at the time as well: forcible touching). I refused to do this, of course; but was surprised to have been threatened with arrest for peacefully trying to file with the appropriate committee, the unredacted grievance.
Prospective students and their families may wish to know transparently at least one example of how the university handles student or alumni/a efforts to document abuses.