Iraqi Sports Commentator Lashes Out at Algerians for Affronting Iraq during Soccer Match




Published on Nov 26, 2018

Iraqi sports commentators Qahtan Al-Maliki hurled insults at Algerian soccer fans for chanting anti-Shiite and pro-Saddam Hussein slogans during a September 9 soccer game between the visiting Iraqi Air Force club and the Algerian USMA home team. The Iraqi team left the field in protest before the end of the game. Al-Maliki said that the Algerians are despicable dogs who have nothing to do with humankind. He criticized them of naming people after Yazid Ibn Mu'awiya, who he said was the friend of apes and pigs (the Jews). Al-Maliki added that an Algerian sports commentator who tweeted about the game has "a shoe for a brain," and said that an Algerian actress made statements "that can only be made by a whore." The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs had summoned Algeria's ambassador after the game because of the chants. Al-Maliki's show aired on Al-Masar TV (Iraq) on September 10, 2018.