Anubis2814 on the Glories of Race-Mixing


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Nov 22, 2016

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Time Stamps:

0:16 - Neanderthals
0:56 - Substance Abuse
3:15 - Mediterranean Admixture
4:09 - Cousin Marriages
5:28 - Darwinism and Race Mixing
7:42 - Craig Cobb's DNA Test
9:00 - The Irish were Not Considered a Separate Race
15:35 - The Myth of Prejudice
25:31 - "The Race Concept"
28:21 - "Nobody Batted an Eye"
29:29 - The Health Effects of Race Mixing
36:22 - Drive-By Third Worldist

Birth defects by race links:


Darwin on Race Mixing:

Cousin Marriage Rates by Race:

Effects of Cousin-Marriages:

Inbreeding on IQ:

Myth of Prejudice Links:

Irish Links:

Race-mixing laws:

Black slaves in Britain:

North-African Admixture in Mediterranids:



Race differences in Drug use indicators vs. Survey data:


Darwin on Race-Mixing:

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