Empire Unmasked Excerpt explaining the 28 pages and beyond


Ryan Dawson


Published on Jul 19, 2016

Tomorrow or soon I will have a summary of the the 28 pages. What I put in The empire Unmasked https://vimeo.com/ondemand/theempireunmasked covered everything revealed in the 28 and a lot more that wasn't said, but I was using the exact same FBI Full Field Investigation reports to get a lot of the info. If mass media is accepting FBI Regional Field Office Reports (and they are that is why I waited a couple days) then based on the same criteria Israel is guilty as sin. I knew that releasing the 28 would release their sources and in doing so it would trap Israel. And I went over these documents in my film the Empire Unmasked. First I am animating the info from the 28 because it requires a visual and because we were remastering my movie The Empire Unmasked anyway. It is going slowly because I can't get the financing yet that I need to do it right. You could fix that. There are like 26k subscribers to my channel. My birth day is on the 26th, how about a money bomb, even just a dollar a month on Patreon by 10% of you and we would finance all the projects for the rest of the next two years. https://www.patreon.com/ryandawson?ty=h And if you haven't gotten or seen the Empire Unmasked I highly recommend you do. http://ancreport.com/ It isn't just about 911, its about the Iraq War, ISIS, Anthrax, and methods of fiance for covert ops from the 30s to now. That's why it is 5 hours. I went over the 1,800 pages worth of FBI docs and police reports on the Israelis, and a lot more. I often explain these events on radio shows and videos but to really tel it all it takes about 5hours. Considering how much time you may look up things on these topics watching a 5hr non Jonestown well documented film will save you a lot of time. Buying it also helps me make my RFK and JFK films.

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