Nick Fuentes: "Generation Z: The Answer to the Boomer Problem"


American Renaissance


Published on May 17, 2018

Online commentator Nick Fuentes describes how baby boomers set in motion many of the trends that have so harmed Americans: mass immigration, the pillaging of the American economy, and the destruction of traditional institutions.

Mr. Fuentes says the younger generation must rebuild civilization, and suggested Generation Z could solve the boomer problem. Generation Z is more churchgoing, more risk averse, and less enthusiastic about social liberalism than preceding generations. Unlike Boomers, Generation Z has no experience of “real” racism, such as segregation. It is experiencing the dissonance between what it is told about race versus the reality of life in multiracial America. This dissonance is an opportunity, but not a guarantee of success.

Mr. Fuentes ends with a powerful call to action, saying that the destruction of traditional America is “evil, it is deliberate, it is by design.” He quotes Archbishop Fulton Sheen: “We need a Christ who will restore moral indignation, who will make us hate evil with a passionate intensity and love goodness to a point where we can drink death like water.”

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