7/7 London Attack by the Numbers - Hollands Glorie


Hollands Glorie


Published on Nov 11, 2016

All about the occult signature that was put on the 7/7 London bombings event.

The Calculator you should download here at C K Marketing: http://c-k-marketing.software.informer.com/

This is the ABSOLUTE FINAL FINAL version!
The two moons bothered me beyond reason, when I laid eyes on them the first time they appeared to me as eclipsed moons, but the moon can't be eclipsed because there is nothing between the earth and the moon (still the quarter didn't fall), this morning it did. It are partly eclipsed SUNS. (sigh) Updated the video and uploaded it again (for the LAST time)
480 views down the drain, but who cares.

Download the numerology calculator I use directly: http://www.2near.com/edge/numerology/jnumb341.exe
Or here from the page: http://www.2near.com/edge/numerology/