Melon Head vs Melon head on Sarah Palin


Ryan Dawson


Published on Jan 20, 2016

I hate this guy so much. the word neocon flies out of his mouth like it's another fill in the blank term and implicates Kissinger as being responsible for putting Palin on McCain's ticket even though Giraldi already showed how it was Bill Kristol who is one of many actual neoconservatives he blatantly ignores. the only reason he mentions Kissinger is because his CFR/Bilderberg connections that he blames for everything like it's all one big monolithic conspiracy that needs to be blamed on some oversimplified mysterious purple dragon because he's just that fucking stupid. he's probably even more kosher now than he was before in light of the fact that the dumb as fuck watson brothers can't seem to talk about anything other than Islam. please stop listening to these clowns and stop promoting their horseshit " -Alexander Cop

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