Why I Took a Week Off




Published on Apr 17, 2023

What happened behind the scenes that caused me to need to take a week off of work. Plus, an Arizona mom claims that scammers used AI to clone her daughter’s voice so they could demand a $1 million ransom from her as part of a terrifying new voice scheme. And, Brad Paisley joins US senators on a trip to Ukraine where he performed and met with Zelensky.

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00:00 - Question of the day, “Where have I been the last week?”
00:45 - Theories I was taken out by George Soros, JoJo Siwa’s response to me, and other things that have happened while I was gone
10:46 - Jack Teixeira arrested in the Pentagon leak
14:42 - Brad Paisley visit Ukraine
19:42 - AI scammers pretend to be a family member and demand money for a kidnapping
22:48 - California puts forth a bill that will criminalize AI porn without consent
26:59 - Hip Hop artist Topher gives out money for surprise bible quizzes
29:41 - Candace reads comments about the obese drag queen who died on stage at 25 years old, her video with Brett Cooper, and gay people tired of the “alphabet mafia”

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