Former Spy, Jonathan Pollard, Kvetching


Zionist Report 3


Published on Jun 2, 2019

In a rare interview with Israel’s Channel 12, Jonathan Pollard, the American who betrayed his country for the Jewish State has spoken of his frustration with the Israeli government, which it claims has forgotten about him. Back in the 1980s Pollard was an intelligence analyst for the United States Navy. He was caught selling US government secrets to Israel and spent 30 years in prison. Throughout Pollard’s time in prison, the Israeli and Jewish pressure groups Lobbied relentlessly for his release, claiming that the spy did not harm American interests, but was simply trying to help Israel. Ever since his release, Pollard has been required to wear an ankle monitor at all times. His Internet browsing is strictly regulated by the US government and he is not permitted to leave his New York home after sunset. He is also not permitted to leave the US, and Washington has refused to allow him to move to Israel.

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