The Truth about Tommy Robinson in Warrington


Tommy Robinson


Published on May 3, 2019

For the past two days a handful of organised agitators have been harassing Tommy and his working class supporters.

Tommy is always happy to debate people who are his ideological opposites. In fact, since announcing his campaign, Tommy has had many productive conversations with people who disagree with him. He’s even turned challengers into supporters.

But there is a deliberate and well-funded operation being conducted by agitators to stop Tommy Robinson’s political campaign.

Radical activists and organised agitators have been provoking Tommy and his supporters for two days. Tommy encourages his supporters to remain peaceful in the face of adversity and report any mischief to the police.

Regretfully, some authorities are refusing to take action.

Tommy has been doused by two milkshakes that have been thrown at him by these organised agitators. Despite footage of the attackers being available, the authorities made no arrests and the mainstream media appears to encourage the attacks. One publication even quoted the assaulter as having a milkshake slip from his hand.

But it hasn’t only been milkshakes. Tommy has also been physically attacked by multiple agitators. The campaign is already hiring professional security and coordinating with police daily to ensure safety, but it’s not enough.

The lack of action from the police is encouraging violence. Tommy discourages mischief and should be able to operate a political campaign without being provoked by organised agitators.

The campaign will take immediate action to hire more security for Tommy. If you want to contribute to help pay for Tommy’s security team, please visit Tommy should be allowed to stand for political office without the threat of violence. - Anyone on the UK electoral registry can donate!
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