Red Ice Radio - Roundtable - Hour 1 - Man's Genesis & The Future Direction of Humanity


Red Ice TV


Published on Oct 18, 2013

Robert Schoch (Geologist, Geophysicist, Author), Robert Bauval (Egyptologist, Author) Marie D Jones (Author, Researcher), Laird Scranton (Author, Researcher, Cosmologist), Micah Hanks (Author, Researcher, Futurist), Scotty Roberts (Author, Researcher, Publisher) and John Ward (Archaeologist) come together for a special roundtable. In the first hour, we discuss human civilizations of the past including their knowledge of natural cycles, messages within mythology, paralleling ancient mysteries and various human fossils. What can we learn from the past and what is our place in the universe? In the second hour, we go deeper to discuss the future direction of humanity and the current modern view of being separate from the natural world. Can a modern society, highly dependent on technology, integrate into the natural world? We'll discuss the modern notion of "progress" and how future technology may end humanity as we know it. Schoch reminds us that in the past, big extinctions have followed after a civilization has reached the peak of their evolution. We end on the idea of outside assistance both in the past and in the present.

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