The Truth About the Sheen Snub


Published on Dec 7, 2019

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In this video, I summarize the story so far of the sudden postponement of the Bishop Fulton Sheen beatification, which had been slated for December 21, 2019.

I also provide some important context for the lead up to the "Sheen Cause Pause," and give you the lowdown on WHY it was halted, as well as give a short introduction to the great man himself.

In his day Bishop Sheen was a household name.

Every aspect of his very public life has undergone extraordinary scrutiny already. The miraculous raising of the dead of young James Fulton Engstrom is a certified bona fide miracle (see my interview with his mother Bonnie in the link below), and Pope Francis himself authorized Bishop Sheen as worthy of beatification.

But...the Diocese of Rochester confirmed last Thursday that it had requested a delay of the beatification of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, which had been scheduled for Dec. 21 until it was postponed indefinitely earlier this week.

The Diocese of Peoria says the Rochester Diocese has left out key facts as to WHY.

This is what this video addresses.

The bottomline is, Fulton J Sheen is clean. The screeching halt to his Cause, was orchestrated by Bishop Salvatore Matano of Rochester (Rome sources say he was abetted by Cardinals Cupich of Chicago and Dolan of New York—no surprise there). It's a sham.

Does Cardinal Dolan's silence in particular have something, maybe, possibly something to do with the fact that he lost in four different legal Appeals in a row—costing the faithful of New York hundreds of thousands of dollars for high-priced attorneys to keep Bishop Sheen’s body in Saint Pat’s Cathedral?

Will no US bishops stand up in defense of their brother bishop and sainthood candidate?

In the end, Catholics should be glad the Cause was halted. I explain why in this video.

Venerable Fulton J Sheen, Ora Pro Nobis.

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