National Rally for Freedom, Aotea Square, Auckland, 12 Sep, 2020 (please see description box)


Rubber Ring


Published on Sep 12, 2020

The man speaking at the beginning is Billy Te Kahika, who, together with Jami-Lee Ross, is the co-leader of the Advance New Zealand/New Zealand Public Party, which is the fastest growing political party in New Zealand history.


Q: What if the ‘virus’ never goes away?

A: Well then the restrictions must stay in place.

You DO know, don’t you, however, that it will NEVER go away? It’s been here for ever and will stay here for ever. Like all coronaviruses.

Did the flu ever go away, even after decades of useless vaccination? No, it didn’t actually. Was a cure for the common cold ever found? No, it wasn’t.
The reason coronaviruses don’t go away is because they’re not diseases or illnesses. They’re part of a natural process to re-balance your body when it becomes run down. The symptoms- coughs, fevers etc - are evidence that the process is underway.

The symptoms can be alleviated or even masked but cannot be cured because you can’t cure something that isn’t even a problem in the first place!
Now isn’t that clever?! Pick on something that’s in pretty much all our bodies, label it a ‘virus’, clamp down with the restrictions, take away our rights, then say everything will go back to normal - and our rights will be slowly returned to us - when the ‘virus’ disappears.

But it WON’T disappear because coronaviruses are part of us and here to stay. It’s like saying restrictions will be lifted once all bacteria disappears from our bodies. It’s not going to happen! Health-wise, it doesn’t matter. We can live perfectly well with coronaviruses. We’ve done it for millennia. But now it’s being used to shoehorn us all into a new dystopia. It’s here and unless you start fighting right now however you can, it’s here to stay.

We’re trapped in a riddle not of our own making. We should have started fighting a long time ago.

We have two choices now: give up all your freedoms in exchange for a pathetic half-life barely worth living. Or stand up and fight till the end.
It’s tragic to see so many people sitting around doing absolutely nothing, somehow still believing that it’ll all be all right in the end and that this too will pass. It won’t. It’s been planned for decades.

If you can’t fight, don’t stand in the way of those who are fighting on your behalf. Protesters, activists and human rights supporters aren’t holding rallies for a laugh or to cause trouble - they’re standing up for their rights AND yours. They’re the new frontline. They need your support. Because once they go down, there will be no one to protect you.

- Comment by Ian Jackson, from the Advance New Zealand /New Zealand Public Party Facebook page.

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