Riots, Race, Religion and Revolution - The Truth About What is Happening In America


E. Michael Jones


Published on Jun 8, 2020

@PETER HELLAND, Dr. E. Michael Jones, Pastor Mario Sims, and Vincent Hunter attempt to dismantle and analyze the prevailing narrative regarding the death of George Floyd and the ensuing riots across the country. Dr. Jones uncovers the Israeli involvement in the training of our police officers around the country, in particular the knee to the neck maneuver that is also used against the Palestinians.

Jones looks at the Jewish billionaire George Soros and his initial funding of Black Lives Matter of 35 million dollars. Pastor Mario Sims directs us to the foot of the cross where he reflects on what brought Jesus there. And of course it was the Jewish leaders and people who the New Testament says where responsible for His unjust death. Pilate in an act of cowardice in fear of an insurrection lets Jesus be crucified even though he knew he was innocent.

Parallels are drawn between Barabbas and the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and what is currently happening with the death of George Floyd and the mass riots.

This video has been edited for time, and is available in full here:

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Dr. Jones is the editor of Culture Wars magazine.


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