Too Many Women At University Critical Condition 720p


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Published on May 8, 2019

Critical Condition (CC) is a right wing Canadian woman from Newfoundland, who makes commentary on YouTube/Twitter. She covers a wide range of topics including femininity, motherhood and family life, Christianity, Philosophy and Nationalism. We’ll discuss current pop culture news such as Meghan Markle’s 'royal' baby and also a female ‘professor’ who openly advocates for violence against rightists. Women are highly over-represented at universities and it’s not a plus. CC shares her criticism of modern conservatism and also Jordan Peterson, who she once liked. Later, we talk about a common straw man argument used against ethno-nationalists. Guest links: YouTube: Twitter: *************************************************************** Sign up for a membership at 👉🏻 and get full access to our extensive archives. Stream or download over 1700 programs, including radio shows, videos, TV segments & our live show Weekend Warrior. You get access to exclusive videos + all new videos are made available to members first. *************************************************************** 👕 Get Our New T-Shirts Here: *************************************************************** ❤️ SHOW US SOME LOVE ❤️ HELP US GROW ⚡️ ⭐️ Donate: Cash.App:$redicemembers Swish (Sweden): 076 815 68 01 Skrill: Donate Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies: BTC: 3HXPwkN5bdo5RSqpbEUb3No3vWbroh3Ede BCH: 1KVGWkLd5YuRxKNrVhExX8WiPCi4pGtey8 ETH: 0x90a0F323F58412eBfe086055831655A1c0D9E3B4 LTC: Lc8aHwQ91EMr4dTcCcdNVLhBxTf5GUhPjP BAT: 0x1b171D08f30C1EbB330Fd0ffDe50250771037CCC XRP: rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh XRP Deposit Tag: 103245046 Want to donate another crypto? Email us at and we can provide wallet address for virtually any crypto. Watch our content on the Brave Browser and support us with BAT (Basic Attention Coin) 🌐 Get Brave via our affiliated link: Thank you for your help! We can not continue without your help. Send donations to Henrik or Lana: 520 Folly Rd STE 25 PMB 334 Charleston, South Carolina 29412 USA *************************************************************** 🔗 More Red Ice: 🔗 Red Ice Members: 🦉 Follow us on Twitter: 👍🏻 Like us on Facebook: 📰 RSS feeds: 🛩 Join our Telegram group: 📺 Follow us on Dlive: 📠 Follow us on Instagram: 🎙 Listen to us on Spreaker: 📽 Subscribe to our main YouTube channel Red Ice TV: 📽 Subscribe to our backup YouTube channel Red Ice Media: 📽 Subscribe to our BitChute channel: *************************************************************** Thank you so much for your support!