Harmful Disparities In Education: Henry Kissinger, FEMA Camps, & The Military


The Sons of Liberty


Published on Sep 9, 2020

I was sent some declassified U.S. Army Field Manuals (FMs) by two different Warriors, one of whom, is a former specialist in the U.S. Armed Services. Having served our nation, this person knows full well that the FMs are ‘gospel’ and those joining the military must, at all costs, adhere to their leaders who use these FMs. The one Warrior who’s not been in the military, sent this video* to show concern about FM 3-39.40.

That’s where I started my research. The other FM, 33-1.1 was brought to my attention by the second Warrior. What I’d found in the first FM was about resettlement and determent camps. The second FM was all about the psychology to be used in these camps. Most all of the camps will be FEMA ones, but can include any building the US government or military ‘squats’ in. These FMs were building US internment camps based to include UN presence.

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