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BREAKING: UK Judge gives Julian Assange a BIG Victory. Thwarts a corrupt US DOJ extradition order


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Published on Jan 4, 2021

BREAKING: UK Judge gives Julian Assange a BIG Victory. Thwarts a corrupt US DOJ extradition order.NOTE: YouTube Communists are now removing anything anti CCP from my channel. It is over the top "Community Commie Standards" censorship! To see the last shows they have taken down go to this link please. The Truth MUST BE TOLD! NOTE:

Finally we have some JUSTICE & fairness in this troubled world. Now Mexico has even offered him asylum as well as a growing number of free nations-but why? Why make Julian suffer for telling the truth about big Neocon corruption a day longer?

After all, the same corrupt DOJ, FBI, CIA & Intel community that attacked Julian Assange and freedom of the press-are the same amoral, corrupt & evil American Institutions that attacked you Mr. Trump, they attack your family, your Administration officials, all of your incredibly successful businesses etc. Mr. President, don't allow evil, tyrannical communists, Bolsheviks, RINO neocons, Bush & Obama era DOJ SES bureaucrats who LIE & deceive for a living, convince you that Julian was a Russian spy or that he is nothing more than a common criminal & computer hack.

It's always RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA with these Deep State warmongering thugs who operate as a shadow, alternative Gov. resisting your good will to govern and that of the American people. Assange printed TRUE information from real whistleblowers (some who lost their lives) or were driven from their homelands for simply revealing how rogue elements in our own government abuse power-surveille ordinary Americans .

Why care what they think? The Obama's, Holder's, Rice's, Comey's, Barr's, Sessions, Panetta's, Loretta Lynch's, Sally Yate's etc. of this evil world only want to tyrannize their innocent domestic targets within whom the politically disagree-the evil globalist SES warmongering Neocons that they all are. These are perverted, godless, corrupt DC Beltway cultures from top to bottom-rank in file included.

MR. PRESIDENT, NOW IS THE TIME TO PARDON JULIAN ASSANGE AS THIS MERCIFUL & JUST ACT AND IT IS LONG OVERDUE! Our free speech and free press - your own Presidency is under relentless attack by these unelected, tenured SES officers who are relentless in their attacks on this Republic - who spy & surveille us all - who violate our first and 4th Amendments everyday - censor our speech- invade our privacy and yes even diabolically use a Red China CCP bio terror weapon to exploit our elections and to defraud you of your landslide victory on November 3rd.

Mr. president. PARDON Julian Assange who revealed in 2016 the great corruption of the Clinton-Obama-Soros Cabal as no other. This Savant genius and truth teller (he would have been at work disclosing the steal & acquiring hard proofs of voting fraud etc. along with counter Intel strategies from General Mike Flynn) Julian Assange: whose brave journalism & exposing of globalist corruption helped the voter understand that you were the best candidate in 2016. We reap where we sow sir. Sow mercy and receive mercy. Sow JUSTICE & receive JUSTICE! Galatians 6:5-7

Appoint a non DC -beltway, anti establishment conservative as your new AG (Finally!) and let him/her (Sydney Powell) begin to DRAIN THE SWAMP! Not just as a whiny tweets. Not just as a Rally slogans. But to TRULY take Article 2 action to TERMINATE, PROSECUTE & IMPRISON these back stabbing tyrant traitors once and for all. They are destroying this great country-by the thousands if necessary. Terminate them and REPLACE with new conservative constitutionalists. Rebuild the corrupt culture in Washington DC. Hire good hearted young people from Christian or morally conservative Universities and laws schools.
Free Assange Mr. President. Free us all. Finally, ACT to drain the swamp.
Please grant a FULL PARDON to two great truth seeking whistle blowers - Julian Assange & Eric Snowden. Both have endured enough suffering at the hands of a corrupt US legal culture that has become sick in its priorities- calling good evil and evil good.

God save true JOURNALISM. God save the FREE PRESS. God save our privacy rights and our scared freedom of speech from these tyrants. Stop this communist takeover of our great nation.
Our prayers are with you sir - to DO the righteous thing. We the people are the true sovereign of this nation. Hear our voice.
God bless America.
Spirit of 1776.
Federico Cardella
Federico Cardella
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