An Inconvenient 9/11 Truth [Part I] (2017) HD, 2nd edit


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Published on Sep 4, 2019

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[Part I] Chapters:
1. Painful Mysteries
2. 3:28 Keepers of the faith (A Zeitgeist)
3. 7:23 The Last Man Out - Meet William Rodriguez
4. 10:34 Un-Mysterious squibs
5. 13:28 Demolitions by Xentris
6. 23:31 Van with Explosives on George Washington Bridge
7. 29:47 Witness’s in New Jersey
8. 32:01 Meet The Dancing Israelis
9. 39:34 Arrested by Sergeant Scott DeCarlo
10. 43:44 King St. Mural Van
11. 52:21 Witness's to Holland Tunnel Van
12. 53:56 Urban Moving Systems owner bails & Kurtzberg fails
13. 55:21 former Mossad spy Chuv Luval on UMS
14. 57:20 Jane Harman on Israeli's arrested
15. 59:55 Israelis w/Sears Tower video in Van + arrests in TX
16. 1:02:23 Fabled Fox News Israeli spy ring report of Dec 2001
17. 1:13:48 Carl Cameron + Israeli Art Students in Utah & FL
18. 1:21:07 Zim shipping and elevator repairs
19. 1:25:20 Denko Mechanical, The Tennessee 5 & Katherine Smith
20. 1:31:52 intrigues of Chief Bernard Kerik + Paul Bremer
21. 1:37:55 the tip from Odigo and the 4000
22. 1:40:48 FBI agent John O’Neill - The Man Who Knew Too Much
23. 1:45:01 Jerome Hauer, Kroll, OEM & Building 7
24. 1:49:25 Airport Security / ICTS & Ellen Mariani lawsuit
25. 1:55:32 Hijacker Introduction
26. 2:01:32 Who Killed Dr. Graham? Man who meet 2 Hijackers
27. 2:10:47 Living hijackers in Florida
28. 2:15:16 Mossad Art Students lived next-door to Mohamed Atta
29. 2:17:10 Hijacker Ziad Jarrah & Cousin Ali The Mossad Spy
30. 2:22:57 who is Mohamed Atta?
31. 2:26:22 Fanatical Heathens?
32. 2:32:11 Florida Flight Schools & INS
33. 2:37:45 Rudy Decker & Arny Krutoff - The Flying Dutchmen
34. 2:40:45 Huffman Aviation, Boehlke & The heir Organized Crime

AN INCONVENIENT 9/11 TRUTH [Part II] (2015): Roads from NYC to OKC:

This was initially reinterpretation of Ryan Dawson's versions of ‘War By Deception’, by DJ Thermal Detonator spliced along with 'Core Of Corruption: In The Shadows' and the Mike Rivero portions of 'Fabled Enemies' and other worthy portions from popular truth documentaries like '9/11: Mysteries', 'Zeitgeist', "Who killed John O'Neill?', 'Zero: 9/11', 'Ring Of Power', 'Welcome To Terrorland: 9/11, Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus' and others including mainline ones in addition to short films, extra archives and bits of satire along with some personal soundtrack work.

This film is essentially designated for truth activists, rather than just being a introductory documentary. Its a poorly produced demo concept that's still short of completion due to copyright issues with YouTube.

Some text and narration may be taken out of context, and not readable. The sound may not always be on par because of its original rough source.

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