The Houthis Continue Their Push, But Is Erdogan Coming To The Kingdom’s Rescue?


SouthFront Military Analysis


Published on Mar 16, 2021

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Yemen’s Ansar Allah are unrelenting in their offensive, both on positions inside the country, and in attacks on Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure within the Kingdom.

The Houthis, as Ansar Allah are more widely known, released a video showing their recent raid on positions of Saudi-backed forces in the area Rashah Al-Gharbia in Najran province. It was purportedly successful, and one of many recent ones.

The battlefield is in flux, a constant back and forth. The Houthis push in one direction, and are pushed back in another. Heavy clashes continue in the Balaq mountain area, as well as on the Ghubari mountain in the Kadha region. These are two locations that are set very far apart, Balaq is near Marib and the battle for the city continues. Ghubari is to the very south, near Taiz. It is safe to say that the fighting is happening all along the contact line, and not at just at a single location.

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