The Police & The People, Anti Mandate Protest, Wellington, NZ, 10.02.22 (video by Laron G. Smith)


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Published on Feb 21, 2022

Source, Laron G. Smith, Facebook:
From Aaron G. Smith, February 16 at 1:37 PM
· I’ve spent about a day putting this one hour video together, which is a documentary of sorts. On February 10, 2022, protesters standing on Parliament lawn near the Beehive in Wellington, New Zealand, were surrounded by hundreds of police.
From about 8:30am until around 4:30pm, the police presence grew, and so did the number of protesters.
Over the course of the day, innocent protesters were subjected to violence by police, including shoulder charges, pulling people’s feet out from under them, dragging females by their hair, manhandling the young and elderly, dragging people out of wheelchairs, and the use of pepper spray.
Some were aggressive—but not all. There was love from both sides.
Clay Drummond, whose disabled and lives with regular pain, took this video footage. He shows that there are good police, but also there are those who should not wear the uniform.
The last three minutes is a compilation put together by someone out there, with multiple video sources, to help you see the variety of violent acts by those that are meant to serve and protect us.
This is from the perspective of the protesters and shows you where everyone’s heart truly is. Clay has done an amazing job here and this video is a must watch. Please share and please support Clay Drummond who is unable to work because of his health.
You will see familiar faces including Casey Hodginson’ mother Anna and Mishaela Daken.
While I realise I’m a bit of a social influencer and that I’ve got many skills that help to get information out and connect people, I have to make tough choices on what to spend my time and energy on. I wish I had been there that day. I would have been standing right at the front, even after knowing I could have been violently arrested and hurt. This is how important this war is.
We fight in the best and most appropriate ways we can, which could be as simple as donating some money to the convoy, and/or Camp Freedom so they can get a port aloo or some food. I came across a person the other day paying for a flight for someone they didn't know in a Telegram group, so they could get to Wellington. The generosity we’ve all seen is amazing, but like I say. We're trying to save people’s lives and create a world that we are not enslaved in — a new earth.