New Orleans mayor begins cultural purging initiative


Kenn Daily


Published on Jun 30, 2020

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The mayor of New Orleans has announced a commission to purge her city of "white supremacist" place names.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell's racial justice and reconciliation program will target streets, parks, and monuments with names that enhance a positive perception of the region's Confederate and traditional southern heritage.

Jefferson Davis Parkway, for example, is being renamed after Norman C. Francis.

Davis was the president of the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865. Francis is known for his tenure as president of Xavier University from 1968 to 2015.

The cultural purge in New Orleans is seen by some as a global endeavor to displace Western culture. This is accomplished, in part, by replacing Western identity with intersectionality.

Other jurisdictions, such as New York City, are doing the same.

The transformation requires thought reform.

There are four steps to thought reform.

Step one: Debase

By debasing prevailing perceptions, such as vilifying heroes as racist or white supremacists, their value is diminished.

Step two: Erase

Once perceptions of culture are debased, they can be erased with minimal opposition. This is the "brain washing" element of thought reform in which our minds are cleansed of old perceptions.

Step three: Replace

Old perceptions are replaced with a 'new normal.' The name 'Jefferson Davis Parkway' is replaced with 'Norman C. Francis Parkway.'

Step four: Freeze in place

The new normal is locked in place as a moral imperative.

Excerpt from ▼ Mayor Latoya Cantrell says she plans to name two people to the city’s Street Renaming Commission which will aim to get rid of parks, streets, and monuments that celebrate white supremacists. This comes as some street names are already in the process of being changed. The renaming commission was officially formed just two weeks ago, but Jefferson Davis Parkway is already in the process of being changed and will soon be named after former Xavier University president Norman C. Francis. This comes as some local companies like Dixie Beer are also in the process of changing their name. City leaders say this is just a start to addressing the larger systemic problems in areas like education, health care, and labor. The Commission will consist of nine members with each Council member appointing one member who must have a formal or informal background of the history and geography of New Orleans. Mayor Cantrell and the City Planning Commission will appoint the remaining two members. The Commission will serve for a full calendar year with the responsibility for making the following recommendations: A list of streets, parks, and places that should be renamed, accompanied by a detailed explanation. A proposed list of replacement names for each recommended street, park, or place, accompanied by a detailed explanation. A process to facilitate both educating residents and receiving public feedback on the proposed changes.

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