Red Ice Radio - Leo Rutherford - Pt 6 - Religion, The Greatest Fraud Ever Sold


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Published on Jun 10, 2010

Leo Rutherford is the author of "Thorsons Way of Shamanism", "The View Through the Medicine Wheel", "Shamanic Path Workbook" and the upcoming title "Spirituality without Religion - The God Who Hates Bodies, Women and Sex". Leo joins us to talk about Shamanism, Religion, Christianity, the Christian Church, The Relationship to Sexuality and Religion as the Great Fraud of the Last 2000 Years. Topics Discussed: Introduction to Shamanism, Christianity, Billy Graham, Suppressing Emotions, Sexuality, Tools, Why is sexuality being suppressed in the Christian Church? War and Love, Roman Catholic Church, the Inquisition, Land, Property, Witch, Wise Woman, Gold, Assets, A Male Prerogative, Destroying of Knowledge, Hidden Knowledge, Vatican, Celibacy, The Church Loosing Power, Sun of God, Virgin Mare - Mary, Jesus Christ, Crucifixion, Death, Life, Sacrifice, Justin Martyr, Rome, Constantine, Rome and the UK, Envy, Women and Birth, Genesis, Creation, Adam & Eve, Serpent, God is a Liar, Serpent, With Knowledge Comes Pleasure and Pain, Self Awareness, Choice, Financial Trouble, Challenge, 2012, Adaptable People, Funny Money, Who is Responsible? Liabilities in the Future, Remote Viewing. In the second hour with Leo we focus on the the Four Steps of Shamanism and the process of becoming whole. We discuss the importance of letting go and how to regain your self esteem, to learn to face death, how to stop the world and stop the mind and how to finally master the Wheel of Life. We talk about Leo's view of this planet as an Asylum, the two different paths of Involvement & Dis-Involvement. We start by discussing the Role of the Shaman in today's world and some of the problems that we are facing. Can shamanism offer any solutions to any of these problems? Who and what is the Shaman in these times? We discuss balance in Nature, Creation and in Human Beings, Age and Knowledge and about Leo's version of Remote Viewing Sessions and what his outlook is on the immediate Future.

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