Freedom or Fascism: Live at Brixton Academy 2006 (Trailer 2)


David Icke


Published on Sep 13, 2008 - David Icke Live at Brixton Academy 2006 Trailer.

David Icke's amazing research is combined and presented in a coherent, logical and factual way. Hundreds of illustrations show the hidden story behind seemingly unconnected world events. Events such as the government created "War On Terror" that cause a predictable "reaction" which allows a fascist world-wide dictatorship to impose even more control on an unaware dumbed-down population which keeps it in servitutide, slavery and fear. The people are being played and most of them can't see it.

David Icke's time has come. People are not laughing, they're listening. This is a truely stunning presentation from the worlds leading conspiracy researcher and author.

It's no longer a conspiracy "theory". It's real, proveable and is happening right in front of your eyes. If there's only one more DVD you ever watch, make it this one.

This is David Icke at his very best. This is information that you need to know.

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