Nazi money talks: Bilderberg 2012 4th Reich conference in Chantilly, Rick Wiles, Tony Gosling




Published on Jun 21, 2012

Trunews radio podcast - Monday June 4 , 2012 - Guest: Tony Gosling
Topic: Former BBC reporter Tony Gosling discusses the history and global elite attendees of the annual Bilderberg gathering
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Today's world news headlines look like passages from the Holy Bible. War in the Middle East... terrorism... weapons of mass destruction... globalization... implanted microchips in humans... Big Brother surveillance technology... a cashless society... human cloning... hybrid chimeras... genetically modified food... robotics and artificial intelligence... 3-D holographic images... global warming, extreme climate changes, and weather modification... bizarre new diseases... the removal of the Ten Commandments and Christian symbols from public display... the persecution of Christians around the world... super volcanoes... mega-earthquakes... tsunamis... the risk from asteroids... extreme solar eruptions... and much more.

We believe that Jesus Christ is coming again soon. Although world events are indicators that His return is drawing closer, Jesus told us that the end would not come until the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached unto all nations. "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." (Matthew 24:14)

That is why the most important mission of TRUNEWS is not to report bad news -- but to declare the Good News that Jesus saves and He promised to resurrect His children into eternal life in God's Kingdom. There just aren't any bigger news stories to report than the marvelous acts of the Holy Spirit around the world to save the lost, heal the sick, raise the dead, restore broken lives, and bless God's children; and the amazing world events and trends shouting that Jesus Christ is coming soon.

TRUNEWS was founded by Rick Wiles. Prior to launching this ministry, Rick's professional background was in media sales and marketing. In the mid-1980s, Rick was the national cable marketing manager for the CBN Cable Network (now the Family Channel) in Virginia Beach. In the 1990's, Rick was director of marketing for TBN in Irving, TX.

Rick resigned from TBN in 1998 when the Holy Spirit called him to full-time ministry after experiencing a life-changing vision about America's future. His first radio broadcast was on May 24, 1999. The original name of the radio program was America's Hope.

Rick and his wife Susan live in West Palm Beach, Florida. They have a daughter (Karissa), a son-in-law (Marshall) and a son (Jeremy), and two adopted grandchildren (Kiarra and Blake).

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