Red Ice Radio - Andrew Collins - Pt 4 - Beneath The Pyramids


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Published on Jul 9, 2010

What is going on beneath the Giza plateau in Egypt? News has been coming out of underground cave systems that have been uncovered. There has also been rumors and stories about the secret archaeological excavations taking place in the vicinity of the Sphinx. Objects are rumored to have been taken out and a lot of speculation is going around on the web about this. So what is the truth? What is the story on this? We are going to begin to talk about the discovery of Giza's cave system, Egypt's "duat", the real underworld that exists underneath the pyramids. Andrew Collins is with us, the man who in modern times has re-discovered these. We hear the story of how he found the entrance to this natural cave system at the "tomb of the birds", located at the plateau's north cliff. Where does the story begin? Who discovered them first? How has Zahi Hawass of the Supreme Council of Antiquities dealt with this story? This is an explosive discovery that could rewrite the whole story of Egypt and how their underworld myths came about. Topics Discussed: Hall of Records, Henry Salt, Caviglia, Tombs, Sokar, Rostau, Edgar Cayce, Caves and Pyramids Under the Pyramids, Lion, Entrance, Mouth of the Passages, Giza, Nuit, Hathor, Duat, Tomb, Crystal, Diamond, Subterranean Chamber, The Edfu Texts, Myth of the Primordial Mound, The First Temple, Duat n Ba, Underworld of the Soul, "Bnnt" Antediluvian world, 11000 BC, Dogon, Southern Hill, Well, Memphis, and more. Don't miss hour two for more on the "secret excavation" rumors.