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Published on Oct 27, 2013

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Crime differences by race - victims and predators, a summation and synthesis of the statistics. (Racial Profiling, Hate Crimes, Race Determination...) 6/2/99

Jared very obviously side steps the race issue beyond skin color, as per at least a few questions from the audience and his response. To see what he MORE than likely realizes as to going beyond skin deep you can read "RACE, EVOLUTION AND BEHAVIOR" by Philippe Rushton, free online in abridged form. This helps us realize that genetic isolation overtime creates natural forces of development and evolution that account for crime differences and of course many other differences (diversity).

Some of the grossly overlooked variables of this video, despite ample opportunity to at least briefly broach them, are beyond skin color:

Brain size (IQ), hormone levels, more sex and violence among darker skinned people around the world, tribal cultures that lead to much higher death rates by war than even 20th century Europe, etc.

So as seemingly superficial and simplistic as color is it is a GREAT predictor and a tremendous correlation as to the darker is dumber proposition (globally around the world as the coefficient is averaged):

"The Templer & Arikawa (2006) research reported a country-level correlation of -.92 between (darker) skin color and IQ, using a measure of skin color derived from a skin color map in the physical anthropology textbook of Biasutti (1967)."

Mankind Quarterly, Vol. 51, No. 1 (Fall 2010)
pp. 3-25

- other studies are right around this -.92 figure, above and below a bit...

- Picture an X (vertical) and Y (horizontal) axis forming a 90 degree angle as X is color and Y is IQ, except you have the most color at the point of intersection and reversed compared to usually having an increase of color or whatever your variable as you go up the vertical X axis, so the corner intersect of X-Y is the darkest color... If the correlation was perfect between the two variables you would split the X and Y with a nice clean 45 degree angle - one to one unit expression, a -1.00 coefficient in this case. Because the color (X) is reversed you have a negative correlation, such that higher IQ is not an increase of color but the opposite... Can try to explain more if u ask...

So this should guide lifestyle management skills, breeding, where you live, etc.. Skin color is an amazing correlate for the goods/bads of mankind, Asia included as i suspect they were too afraid to publish simple white/black comparisons and limit their study to a few races. So as a function of improving your chances of success and greater survival you can use color as a guide generally speaking.

Even without biologically deterministic cause and effect relationship understanding and flow chart explanations we have a VERY strong correlation of skin color to IQ.

IQ is THE base from which all flows, it is even more predictive than educational level as to wealth and many other variables - morality, crime, health, etc.. Blacks have the smallest brains of the main races and lowest IQ...

Below is a website from Jared Taylor:


Below is a link from the work of Richard Lynn as to the IQ connection and wealth:



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