2 Black teens ignoring store clerk who collapses, Robbing the Register!!! Auburn, Washington




Published on Sep 11, 2018

Three males in Washington state are seen on camera ignoring a store clerk who collapsed in front of them from an apparent medical issue, with the two young ones choosing instead to step around him to rob the store.

Police in Auburn, Washington, are searching for the two young males who appear to be teenagers plus an adult man who came into the store with them prior to the incident on Saturday evening, authorities said.

The unidentified clerk is in critical condition at a hospital fighting for his life, authorities said. The man suffered a heart attack, according to ABC affiliate KOMO in Seattle.
Store manager Angela Sharapova told KOMO that the teens ran away with $178. "It just breaks our hearts," she said. "We just pray to God that he makes it."

The incident began at approximately 5:41 p.m. on Saturday, Auburn police said. It began with one of the young male, who appears to be a teenager, picking up a pepperoni stick from the counter and handing a second one to the other young male, the store's security camera shows.
Washington teens seen robbing convenience store after clerk collapses