Detecting the Top Five Fallacies


Published on Nov 30, 2019

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A fallacy is an unsound or otherwise invalid argument.

Some fallacies are mistakes within syllogisms, like when you try to prove that Stevie Wonder is God:

Premise one: Stevie Wonder is blind
Premise two: Love is blind
Premise Three God is love
Conclusion: Stevie Wonder is God

In this case the fault lies in the equivocation of the word blind.

There are dozens of fallacies which would require how much longer video but I’ve chosen five because they seem to recur quite often:.

1 the Argumentum Ad Hominem ("against the man")

2 Non sequitur (“it does not follow”)

3 Straw Man (arguing against something that either doesn't exist or is not believed by the other person in order to dismiss it by not describing it accurately)

4. Petitio Principii ("assuming the initial point," aka begging the question)

5. Sunk Cost fallacy (assuming that an investment of time or money justifies the subject matter that is being invested in continually even at a net loss)

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