Red Ice Radio - David Crowe - Rethinking AIDS


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Published on Nov 22, 2011

David Crow discusses the invention of the AIDS virus and the research material that suggests that it's time to start rethinking AIDS and HIV. David was one of the founders of the Green Party of Alberta, he edited their newsletter for over a decade, was the party's president until October 2004, and the party's Chief Financial Officer until December 2008. Crowe is also the founder of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society, he's on the advisory council of Another Look AND in 2008 David was appointed president of Rethinking AIDS. In this program we talk about the postponed Rethinking AIDS 2011 conference in Washington DC and how difficult it has been to raise awareness about this critical issue that examines the AIDS/HIV problem from an alternative perspective. Are the billions being poured into the AIDS/HIV industry every year really helping? David reveals what the science and research is really saying. Topics Discussed: inventing the AIDS virus, 4500 scientific documents on AIDS/HIV, U.S. National Library of Medicine, Pub-Med, Robert Gallo, immunodeficiency syndrome, CD4 cell count, definition of AIDS, drug use and lifestyle, nutrition and malnourishment, PCP pneumonia, the breakout of AIDS in the homosexual community, germs vs. pharmaceuticals, hemophiliacs, the poisonous drug AZT, the pharmaceutical industry, burrows welcome behind AZT, placebo effect and psychological impact, the rethinking AIDS conference.